Friday, December 5, 2014

So my first colloquium went well

Assalamualaikum and Hi,

All praises to Allah. The session went well this morning. Was the first presenter. I managed to arrive early to do the setup and chatted a bit with one of the panel. Was a bit nervous at first, but in overall able to convey almost all as planned.

A chairperson, 2 panels, my supervisor, one committee member as time keeper, at least another 6 observers were there too to witness the session. Phew! Presentation lasted for about 15 minutes as per the given time and another 10 minutes for Q&A. Colloquium is held every semester for the students to present their progress to date. After presentation, the experts will give constructive comments and suggestions. It really helps me to see my entire research from another perspective.

I learned to defend my work, to demonstrate the knowledge that I have acquired through extensive reading and brainstorming for the past 3 months since registration.

The only thing (so far) that I have yet to to think like a real academician. Coming from industry background, for 11 years of experience and more on hands on, practicality....I find it is pretty hard adjusting to the mindset of academician. I was asked about distinct contribution, PhD worthy and etc. I knew my answer not the kind of answer that they want. But anyhow, I gave it a try.

I shall try my level best to go on with this journey. "Mami saya sikit lagi nak jadi doktor!" Among the things that keep me going. Thank you boys!

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