Saturday, January 24, 2015

When the going gets though

Malay translation
Sesungguhnya Kami telah jadikan manusia sentiasa dalam keadaan menghadapi kesulitan dan kesukaran (jasmani dan rohaninya)

English translation
Certainly we have created men in distres

Surah Al-Balad, Ayat 4.

Assalamualaikum & Hi,

These few weeks, things getting tougher. PhD research is not progressing that well. In fact, it's regressing to the first point. I have lots to worry about considering coming semester I'm planning to go for defense proposal which the intention confirmation needs to be submitted by mid of Feb. I don't even have the skeleton to start with!! And now it's already coming to end of January.

My freelance job has been postponed for quite sometimes and looks like next week will have to resume. Another thing to worry about. I'll be installing a network appliance which require downtime to the network connection. Pray hard that everything will be alright.

MrKingofMyHeart bought over an online business selling superheroes t-shirts. You can see it here (please like the page too..heheh). I'll be the admin for the Facebook page and trusted to run the business. It's been almost a week now. I haven't do the take over of the page and stock take!! Where got time?

Plus, another online business theblissfulmommy over Instagram with 3 of my childhood friends also is kicking in (after months of hibernation). Again, I'm entrusted to be the admin for the Instagram. And so happen, the photos just came in for me to do part of my work. Again, where got time?

The kids, managing the house chore and all...Wow, how do I even manage it?

How does this relate to Surah-Balad, Ayah 4?
As long as you are a human, you will have everything to worry about. I'm worried about many things, and you are worried about many other things too!

But..whatever that keeps you worry.. don't forget we still need to fulfill our duty to Allah. Don't let the worries distract and delude us! Keep calm and keep going!

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