Friday, October 9, 2015

Tips untuk menghadapi postgraduate colloquium (FSKM, UiTM)

Assalamualaikum & Hi,

Tengah kemas-kemas 'beg sekolah' tadi, terjumpa satu kertas nota semasa jadi secretariat untuk postgraduate colloquium semester yang lepas. I was appointed secara paksa rela (tetiba dapat appointment letter dari pihak akademik) untuk menjadi secretariat.

Secretariat kena datang awal, jaga masa, ambil kedatangan para panel dan student, kumpul assessment forms from the panels dannnnnn jangan lupa untuk senyum!

Ok balik pada tajuk. Sila rujuk pada pointers berikut:

- Straight away proceed to present the current progress. Do not have to refresh details from early stage unless required.
- It is good if we can prepare slide which is clickable to jump to other part of the slide deck (interactive and ad hoc) because even though we are presenting the current progress, we may be required to refresh details from earlier stages.
- make sure keep to time allocated for the presentation. E.g. 10 minutes for presentation and 10 minutes for Q&A
- Font used in the slide has to be readable when projected
- Voice should be clear and sounded confident
- Should not spend so much time at introduction & Literature Review unless you are in your semester 1 or actual progress for that semester is on that particular chapter.
- Don't say ' I think' when responding to questions - need to be more conclusive
- Present definition of key concept in matrix form is good. Do include perspective of other researchers on the term, as well as what will be the definition that you will be using for your study. i.e. operational definition. When stating your definition of the terms to be used in the study, not necessarily you have to define a new one! Blend the definition if you have multiple research keywords used in your research.
- Scope is important
- Whenever explaining preliminary study, do include information such as location, participation, findings and summary.

Harap dapat membantu! Rujukan buat diri sendiri juga kerana akhir tahun ni bakal menempuh postgraduate colloquium yang ke -2! Insya Allah. Kalau jadi present paper dekat conference di Krabi...dapat lah skip colloquium. Hehehhehe..

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