Thursday, September 19, 2013

Let us try Tesco Online Shopping

tesco online

Today, I feel like wanting to be a product reviewer. As a reviewer, one needs to comment on the product. I was looking around for a good JD (job description) but couldn't find it. Found one so simple in here. It sounds like this "Very easy job, suitable for part-timers, students, jobless ppl, retirees, person looking for extra income.Just need to review a product on a website and match the attribute value of the product to the relevant attribute." Did you get it? I don't quite get it on the second part.

So I sendiri summarized that I would need tell about the usage, benefit, where to get it, does it good and so on. Practically give feedback about the product in which other people can gain benefit out of it.

I choose to review Tesco Online Shopping since we received Tesco ClubCard Cash Voucher. The interface is fair and I immediately know how to use it. Checked that it covered our area Putra Heights - for now only Selangor, KL and Putrajaya. As I was about to proceed further by completing the form with valid home address, I couldn't find my area in the drop down menu for suburb. Sedih!

I tried to call the customer service number (1300-13-1313) at least 3 times. Network busy? Try again the 4th time then only can get through. Was talking to the operator validating my full address. Then she asked me if I'm online at that moment. I was about to tell her "YES, I am online" and the line went dead! Frust nya. Call again, Network busy.

Mission incomplete. Till some other day cause I have a pile of clothes to fold.

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