Saturday, October 19, 2013

Guest Speaker for the upcoming event organized by our class

We will be organizing an event of our own tentatively on Saturday, 30th November at Dewan Al-Ghazali (DAG) of UiTM Shah Alam. Will put up the flyers once it is ready. More information to come but this particular post is to introduce the invited guest speaker.

We are honored to have CEO of Ofisgate Sdn Bhd to speak for our event. As most of us may already know, Ofisgate is one of the big name in the local IT industry focuses in providing Testing, Auditing, Troubleshooting, Benchmarking and Training Services on Network Infrastructure. In 10 years since it was established in April 2003, Ofisgate has remarkably grown with clients based range from government agencies, telcos, education and enterprises.

We are very much looking forward to learn from the speaker putting all three factors of creative, innovative and entrepreneurship into action and how we can make it big in whatever business we are going to venture. It is going to be very informative sharing and great eye opener for us.

Topping up to the speaker portfolio and the achievement, Ofisgate Sdn Bhd is currently listed as one of "Syarikat Bumiputera Berprestasi Tinggi" under category Systems Integration & Networking of Dana TERAS by TERAJU. Kudos to Ofisgate!

Hopefully everyone will benefit from this event.


  1. agaknya aku sorang je kot tak tahu Ofisgate ni

    1. aku pun tahu sebab dah memang berkaitan ngan kerja aku dulu..hehehe..


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