Saturday, October 19, 2013

More CPC advertisements from Nuffnang

CPC nuffnang
Baru mula blogging 2 bulan yang lepas. I'm a Glitterati. Not too sure how privilege is this title, tapi I've been getting CPC ads from Nuffnang. Since early September till 11 October ada 12 CPC ads already. Nuffnang says "Be a part of our Glitterati program to reap more earnings, get exclusive invites, attend special parties and truly enjoy the perks every Nuffnanger deserves!"

I have average of 80-100 pageviews everyday (baru je since few days). Don't know if I'm doing it right, but have to constantly post an update. Anyhow time is factor here since tak cukup masa to look at the strategy to get more readers. One at a time I suppose. Assignment subject SYS752 on "IT Entrepreneurship & Innovation" that requires 10 blog posts pun baru terhegeh2 buat 4 posts. Sila refer label Master Students to read further - Interesting posts for aspiring entrepreneur tau... betul! ;-)

Back to this CPC. Ada Shell Fuel Save, SONY NEX-5TL, SunSilk Hair Fall Solution, Nestle Drumstick dan University of London.

Suka saya nak comment sini.. Ya saya pakai minyak Shell sebab petrol pump belakang rumah je, camera bukan Sony tapi Olympus E-PL3, Shampoo bukan SunSilk tapi yang terbaru dari Schwarzkopf Hair Repair, Ice cream Nestle Drumstick suka jugak, University saya sekarang UiTM. :p


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