Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Review of Zalora Business Model - class assignment

I'm occupied these few days because of the assignment. Hari Sabtu ni have to present it in front of the class while makan-makan dekat rumah Prof. Prof I tu caterer too. Boleh jumpa kat sini. No wonder lah dia mengajar IT Entrepreneurship & Innovation. She is Professor cum business owner. Kau ada? Haaaaaa..senyap dan terus baca nih...

There are over 20 powerful brands/companies being selected untuk dikupas mengenai business model setiap entiti tersebut. I picked Zalora. Mind you this entry is not to review Zalora services ke apa, this is mainly nak share the gist of what I have studied and going to put together dalam slide preso.

Tak semua slide content I have prepared will be featured in here. Biarlah rahsia! Nanti salah fakta mampos aku. Perlu diingatkan segala rujukan adalah melalui Internet dan juga ada contoh dari budak sem lepas yang buat Zalora jugak (but I thought the other girl buat macam tak cukup ramuan so I go dig more myself). Credit to infographic menarik pasal Zalora yang ada di Internet lagi senang faham some of the details. :-) I memang suka infographic.

To be honest, I have never shopped at Zalora before despite people going gaga after the big noise made on TV and radio commercials sometime last year masa baru launched dulu. Ada yang positive and negative feedback I heard from friends pasal service Zalora ni. Before this, I thought Zalora is a local company made big in the e-commerce industry. Ceh, sekali company omputih uols! I sokong (tetiba patriotik pulak, mesti lah kan!)

#1 Core business

Zalora core business is Internet fashion retailer. They have over 600+ local and international brands, 30,000+ products across womenswear, menswear, kidswear, sportswear, traditional wear, beauty and lifestyle products and more.

#2 Value Proposition

Further convenience is what Zalora online shopping presents as a value proposition. The convenience comes from purchases of desired item within a click away and supported with elements such as wide range of offerings for everyone, multiple options for payment methods, on-call customer service and return policy.

#3 Revenue model

Zalora earns money through Sales and Affiliates. Sales are those coming from e and m commerce. It is said mobile commerce represents 25% of the revenue.

#4 Competitive Advantage

Their competitive advantages are in the form of free shipping (spend over RM75), thirty-day return policy, and payment upon receiving the item (Cash on Delivery).

#5 Lesson Learned

The three pointers are my humble opinion. What can be learned from their successful business:
(1) Different country will have it's own localization. That can be seen in the website appearance, offerings like Malaysia will have Muslimah wear, on board local designers like Malaysia will have Rizalman and Jovian
(2) Advertising & marketing power - leverage on technology/social media, go big and make noise
(3) Be bold on the key differentiator

Okay tak? Wish me luck this coming Saturday. Till then!


  1. Sedang sedut ilmu tentang BMC ~ Business model canvas. Macam menarik subjek ko ambil ni. Boleh tak nak join kuliah? :)

    1. Ahhh.. the 9 building block of business model = canvas rasanya. ada je belajar. memang menarik subjek tu cuma aku yang tak reti nak apply and execute. Meh la join kuliah!

    2. nak nak...boleh ke? isi kuliah sabtu ni apo dia?

    3. Kalau dewan kuliah memang aku seludup kau masuk. tapi this is classroom for 22 students punya setting. heheheh...sabtu ni tak de belajar cuma presentation jek


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