Friday, December 13, 2013

Book Review: The world is flat

Hellooooo... it's been a long time since my last update. Bersawang la sangat kat sini. hehehehhe. Busy teramat menyiapkan thesis dan tugasan yang lain. Hanya Allah yang tahu macam mana kelam kabut nye I masa seminggu dua yang lepas...dan foreseeing seminggu dua yang akan datang jugak! Insya Allah, lepas abis semester ni boleh take a break dengan aman. Dah nak grad!!!! yahuuuuuu

Okay banyak benar sebenarnya nak update. But let me start with this one first. Esok ada presentation for our book review assignment. Me and Kak Ina as usual sparing partner sejati. Hahahhaha, patutnya rasa macam tak sempat nak buat this week nak mintak slot for next week. Tapi Kak Ina suggested to just do this week whatever yang sempat since next week ada lagi satu Project DSS presentation. Weeeee, and I'm here is struggling with thesis writing jugak. Rasa nak nangis, tapi tak pe la...mana boleh ikut kita cuba ikut. By the way, Kak Ina siap hadiahkan buku tu lagi (dah beli but belum dapat, she will give this Saturday)...we all dah ada ebook sebab this Saturday dah nak present maka I was referring to the ebook je lah while doing this assignment. 674 pages flipped through pakai note 2 or laptop jek. Tabah!

Obviously within 2-3 days, it is not possible for me to read word by word the 674 pages. Maka, we have to have a better strategy supaya assignment siap and in the end tak kantoi dengan prof masa sesi soal jawab nanti as if we read the entire book. Just before I go to how I did it, let us understand apa itu book review. I got this one (may not be the best but suffice to describe the meaning) from Los Angeles Valley College, which you can read full in here, a book review is not retelling nor a summary. "A book review is a description, critical analysis, and an evaluation on the quality, meaning, and significance of a book. It should focus on the book's purpose, content, and authority"

So how I did it?
1. Get copy of previous students presentation or book review summary (kalau ada)
2. Search on the Internet for couple of book reviews for that particular book - confirm ada punya!
3. Look at the table of content, chapters assignment and etc. I wrote it down somewhere in piece of paper
4. Read the first 100 pages word by word , jot down key points whichever deem important on that same peace of paper used in #3
5. Take the chapters you will be focusing, read the first two paragraphs and the last paragraph. If you have time scheme through the middle. Don't forget to jot down key points in that same sheet of paper. You will see lots of writing and cloud of words by now.
6. Do up the slide deck. Take a look of mine in the below. I used icons to help me jog the memory on certain stories in the content. I found it useful.
7. It's done!

This book entitled 'The world is flat' by author Thomas L. Friedman. Now it is already version 3.0, a well received book by many people all over the whole who eager to know about globalization. It's a worth book to buy and read. I like the way the author wrote the book by quoting other people he met on the field while working as journalist. I was at first thought he's a little judgmental about Islam being terrorist..but further reading made me understood that he actually had different view. That vast majority of Islam don;t share the violent agenda.


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