Thursday, January 16, 2014

More second hand items sold via

Satu lagi barang terjual! Mulanya Baby Gate, kemudian katil + tilam...dan kali ni TV. Jumlah pendapatan setakat ni RM280. Alhamdulillah. Syukur lah, rumah makin lega with more spaces dan juga sedekah jariah.

We sold the katil and tilam for only RM30. It's queen bed (good night brand - 6") black paint rubber wood. Still in good condition except for the bed slats dah patah but easily can be fixed! The lucky buyer was a guy who works at construction site, just got married, came over with colleague after work and borrowed pick-up 4WD from boss. Boleh nampak dari air muka happy dapat beli katil tu. In fact, ramai gila orang call/whatsapp asking about the bed. Betul ke RM30? besi ke kayu? size tilam 5x5 ke? dan bermacam2 soklan lagi.

I did'nt manage to print screen the running ad dekat mudah. Sebabnya, with so many inquiries hubby marah I berbakul therefore I quickly deleted the ad sampai terlupa nak save dulu.

Yang bawah ni contoh advertisement yang I buat for Philip 25" Color TV. I always include info such as components of the item, the condition, reason for selling and proposal on future use of the item. As required by Mudah, advertiser needs to include other info such as payment terms, warranty (if any), contact preference.

The TV sold at RM180. One guy came over to our house to view and agreed to buy the TV for his MIL. Done deal!

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