Friday, April 18, 2014

Review Adania Skincare


Dah lama sangat tak buat review. Dapat juga curi masa hari ni. Skincare product ni baru dua hari pakai. Belum nampak hasil pun. Hold on to the positive result (Insya Allah). TAPI I must say I fell in love with the smell. Masya Allah, it is so natural, fresh and spa-like wangi betul! The packaging is distinctive and looks expensive. Ala Aesop.

What is more important besides the smell and packaging, the fact that it is 100% natural and that means chemical free! Oh yes, please be proud, it is a local brand.

I bought the product through an agent which contacted over Whatsapp from the number given dekat Instagram. She's the agent for Shah Alam area. Service is good. Friendly and responsive bila ditanya soalan. It's my first time buying skincare via online. I got to know about the product after Wardina shared it on her instagram. I'm all interested with natural products and am looking for new skincare sebab lately rasa the skin so dull dan tak sekata. Mungkin sebab cuaca sangat panas dan myself not the type who drinks a lot.

If you familiar with Garden of Eden serum, lebih kurang adik beradik la bau dengan Adania ni. Fresh, natural dan macam dalam spa! Oh ya, I could not find any website to see the details of the products. Tapi dalam parcel yang dihantar ada diberi brosur. Lengkap la segala maklumat with price details. Over the website, to date I saw one review from Arwah Ami Schaheera boleh baca di sini.

The cleanser. Price at RM68 for 250ml. Worth to note, memedihkan mata!

The mist or toner. Price at RM48 for 100ml.

The face oil. Price at RM98 for 50ml. Worth to note, oil but not oily!


  1. Salam, how's the progress?

    It is good?

    1. Salam. Skin more supple Alhamdulillah. So dah tak ada masalah kulit kering dan kusam. :-)

    2. mcm mana skrg after more than a year ? boleh share review ?

  2. After 3 months, how was it?


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