Wednesday, August 27, 2014

His plans are better than my dreams


Pernah tak...ada suatu benda (dua atau tiga atau lebih :P) yang korang rasa nak sangat...nak buat..nak pergi..nak this and that... tapi tak pernah kesampaian? And this thing is not material based but larger than that. Maybe an experience would be good example.

Confuse ke?

Apa jugak minah ni nak cerita ye? Hehehhe..

"I have a dream". Tak, bukan nak nyanyi lagu Westlife. :p Ni nak sembang pasal my dream. Ever since I was small dekat sekolah menengah lah..I memang berangan nak memasang impian untuk pergi belajar overseas. Tu yang lepas SPM dapat result boleh tahan cun, I applied masuk AAD program dekat MARA Community College. That time, thought my dreams would have come true. Tapi 1997 economy crisis, hancur angan-angan impian.

But still "I believe I can Fly". Tak, bukan nak nyanyi lagu R. Kelly pun. I thought, never mind habiskan degree locally then later masa nak sambung Masters ke..or dapat kerja attachment dekat overseas ke....who knows it would somehow materialized!

Finished my degree dekat UTP. Year 2002. I was jobless. Gulp. From hometown, hijrah to 'overseas' in Penang to attend the re-skilling scheme (funded by the government for jobless graduate). Boy, it was hard that time. Luckily I had my then boyfriend ada with me (of course he's my hubby now!). Through thick and thin we were together.

After 6 months the re-skilling scheme & graduated flying colors (dapat MCSE and CCNA terus), I got my first job with Mesiniaga Penang as Systems Engineer. It was a good company. Bangga boleh masuk sana masa tu!

Dream Dream Dream "All I have to is dream"... Noooo..bukan nak nyanyi lagu Everly Brothers. Keje Mesiniaga, paling jauh outstation nye ke Subang Jaya je. Bila dah tukar kerja lain after that.. okay I dah merasa pergi Manila, Bangkok, Taiwan, Cebu (PH), Macao and yeah pretty much it. On short term basis lah like paling lama 4-5 days or so. Family holiday pun ada pergi Vietnam & Indonesia.

I still feel unsettled. Angan-angan asal wanted to go overseas belajar. Then loose sikit kalau tak dapat belajar dapat pergi keja pun okay. Well I wanted the experience. I don't know why but I somehow ada strong feelings over this dream. The overseas in particular, I would love to go places with 4 seasons.

Sambung cerita..

While working, I continued my Masters study dekat UiTM and already graduated last May. Hmmm...not any closer to fulfilling my dream... Then for some unavoidable circumstances and Insya Allah for good cause I resigned from my job. Hah, again tak ada chance dah for job attachment ke whatsoever.

My hubby is with MNC, HQ in UK. He's locally attached. Tak ada pulak international assignment so far. So can't hijack my dream into his venture.

One final resort... okay maybe I sambung PhD boleh pergi buat dekat overseas. turned out, I pergi sambung dekat UiTM. Yes, already registered last Saturday.

So now, at 35.....and my still a dream. :-) My life is in Allah's hands. His plans are better than my dreams! Keep going Roshaliza.

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  1. stop dreaming...start living ;)

    1.'s impian. bukan mimpi. there's nothing wrong untuk memasang impian. Living is for sure that we have to do. :-)


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