Sunday, September 21, 2014

Percutian 6D5N to Hong Kong (Halal tour free and easy)


Lama sepi tanpa berita dekat blog ni. I was so busy planning for the trip to Hong Kong and the usual household chores that kept me fully occupied. So this time around, Supermakwannabe as a travel agent, photographer and writer! How interesting eh?

This post will be broken into few episodes. Sebabnya, I don't have the energy to write one lengthy post plus it will be dry boring. You wouldn't want to read it either I suppose. As much possible, I will try to recall all the little details so that it will be a worth sharing with the readers.

All photographs in this post were taken by myself/kids/MrBawsman using our camera Olympus PEN Lite E-PL3 or Samsung Galaxy S5 camera phone unless stated otherwise. Don't expect to see me in most of the photos since I was the official photographer :P

Travel Agent
The tentative and actual itinerary throughout our stay done by myself (with help of MrBawsMan) through extensive research on the Internet, reference from friend and alsoooooo newly met friends (Sha & Shye). Besides itinerary, accommodation arrangement and mode of transportation also were carefully chosen after much consideration from the said resources.

Let's get started
i) Accommodation & Itinerary

Tools: (direction and distance), (hotel and review), (hotel and review), (places of interest) and (direction, distance and fares estimation)

Objectives: Go to HK Disneyland, easy/nearby halal food, near MTR station, sightseeing, budget-friendly

Considering the objectives and based on good reviews, we chose to stay 3 nights in Mong Kok area, 1 night in Tsim Sha Tsui and 1 night in Disneyland resort.

-Royal Plaza Hotel in Mong Kok rated as 5 star hotel that can house 4 pax in one room without additional charges. Nearby to MTR station and connected to Grand Century Plaza.
-Sleep in Hotel in Tsim Sha Tsui is more like a hostel with much smaller room and located at a flat. Yes, we would like to experience the real Hongkies' life. Besides, the location is great in which just walking distance to Avenue of Stars, Star Ferry and nearby attraction. Of course MTR station just 2 minutes away. Oh yes, Chungking Mansion too just 2 blocks away for plenty options of Halal Food.
-Disney Hollywood Hotel We foresee we won't have enough energy to travel back after spending whole day there. Yes, the room is pricey. Justification made based on what we value and appreciate.

Tentative itinerary

Shall continue soon on the checklist of items to bring before looking at the actual itinerary. Stay tune!


  1. Kitorang hari tu, dari hong kong terus masuk kr shenzhen.... shoppping..:-)

    1. Best la kalau g nak shopping. We all travel with 2 kids susah la sis nak rushing ke sana ke mari. huhuhuhu.. But still we enjoyed the holiday :-)


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