Thursday, October 23, 2014

Supermakwannabe as a Party Planner


Oh Yes, I am a party planner too! :p

Took the description randomly from this website here. "Party planners (also known as event planners) coordinate gatherings of all types and sizes and handle every detail ranging from the venue to party theme. You'll likely need a bachelor's degree, but the job can be exciting and allow you to meet a lot of people. The career can be demanding at times, as you'll need to work under deadlines to make sure all the party details are in place and your clients are satisfied."

Well well..What can I say. I'm over qualified since I have Master's degree (that is no biggie but worth mention). Yes the job can be exciting in which I got to meet and communicate with a lot of people. Such as the restaurant manager (handle bookings and arrangement), school principal (to ask for parents' contact number - to send invitation on behalf), family/friends, the parents (of whose kids to be invited & need to ask permission) and on and on.

Working under deadlines? Obviously. Like the birthday party is in 2 weeks time. The Mothers' Day celebration just few days away. Some instant surprises unplanned lets-blow-some-candle over 4-slices of different cake kind of celebration. All I (have to) do.

Of course those are all for the sake of making sure the party details are in place and 'clients' are satisfied!

This will be sticky post for label 'party planner'. And introduction before I actually do up the post for recent birthday party for the boys. Oh it was so much fun!!!

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