Saturday, November 15, 2014

Make your own photo props

Assalamualaikum & Hi,

See that photo props? Yeah, made those myself. And I'm proud of it. Given time, resources and other constraints.....siap jugak malam sebelum birthday kenduri the boys bulan lepas.

Actually, if you are the less rajin type can just order it online. Tengok instagram for #photoboothprops or #photopropsmalaysia
I have seen some insta sellers are selling per piece RM3...kalau mahal sikit ada yang jual 10 pieces sekali for RM60! There are different sizes, materials being used and customized designs. Meriah korang!

I got ideas to make my own version from hashtags tu lah... pastu pergi beli barang:

- glue gun and the glue stick (RM16.90 + RM4)
- Kain felt pelbagai warna beli dekat Daiso (RM10)
- Model Card - White color (RM3.50)
- satay stick - tak jumpa dowel (RM3)

Additional barang required which already ada dekat rumah:
- pencil (for drawing purpose)
- Cutter/knife
- scissors
- Marker pen/ magic color and etc

If only banyak masa, can even decorate with glitters and other artsy stuffs...which usually boleh beli from art shops, DAISO and etc....

I googled, see how to make one...and finally I made 13-14 pieces of them (some already missing in the picture). Senang je korang nak buat ni rupanya. Tapi kena creative sikit lah. If you can't draw ..fret not... sebab ada je website yang bagi free template such as this one from Personal Creations.

1. Print/draw the design on a paper/felt
2. Cut it out
3. Paste it on model card (optional for flimsy ones)
4. Fix dowel/satay stick using glue gun


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