Monday, December 22, 2014

Nak start online business jugak...

Assalamualaikum & Hi,

Berapa ramai yang korang kenal...ada buat online business? Ataupun korang sendiri ada bukak online business? Thumbs up kepada yang dah berjaya jual barang secara online dan earning some income from it.

For my case, still cooking up a project...but apparently tak sudah until now. Tried to do it secara solo tahun lepas kot, the furthest was siapkan sample for 2 design. Tapi tak materialized juga. Intention nak buat jubah kanak-kanak lelaki. Tapi setelah ditimbang tara... I called off the project.

Tahun ni...another attempt to do it with bunch of friends. We bought tudung from Jalan Tar, plain chiffon candy colored wide shawl 1.8m in length. (like the one in gambar, all of us wore the shawl we intend to sell)
4 kodi we all beli. Dah 3 months kot, still tak jalan jugak. I managed to close sale dengan Hanis je..she borong 4 helai for RM100. Yang lain tu masih dekat Kuala Kangsar. Pending for photoshoot and instagram marketing. Why can't we do like the rest? Selamba je gambar tak payah nak susah2 photoshoot bagai. Well, we tried to be selamba..but none of us could accept the end result. So we really want quality photos to be up on the instagram. That's primary!

Infact, we have fantastic idea for the concept on photos to be taken. But the execution is really dragging. I have to admit that TIME is ticking. By the time we figured things out, people would jump to other fashion wagon already. Sigh!

The recent trip was to Kenanga Wholesale Mall, went there with mission to handpick some Muslimah clothing. Yeah, we managed to secure few items yang memang three of us set our eyes on it! Of course my choice would be the batwing long jacket. All of us love that spandex swing maxi skirt...and that scuba top too! Ish tak sabarrrrrrr nak jual.

I find it's challenging when you have many partners. In our case, all of us 4 orang sekawan, sekampung dah kenal for more than 25 years! Yang challenging tu sebab all of us mothers with young children plus a member is geographically apart. Mimi and Jaja they are working moms. Shida she's a wedding planner and me the Phd candidate. Everyone of us ada commitment lain. We really need to squeeze our time to go out looking for barang nak jual, nak buat photoshoot, sapa nak jaga account, nak handle delivery, order taking, instagram handler and etc.

Respect lah adik-adik kakak-kakak insta & online seller sekalian. Nowadays the successful loads are those young entrepreneur kan? Macam Ashannas, SugarScarf, Radiusite, Calaqisya dan macam-macam lagi la jenama lain. Tumpang inspired dengan kejayaan mereka!

Till then...


  1. It's more challenging in the year of 2015 ahead with the upvone of GST and as well as all the online enterpreneurs must register with SSM... anyway apapun saya doakan yang terbaik dan all the best in your future undertakings...

  2. Yeah Farah. No doubt about it. Thanks for doa. Yes, we already registered our business. :)


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