Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Resepi (creamy) Pumpkin Soup

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Lamaaaaaaa tak update blog ;-)
Sebelum terlupa resepi ni, baik saya save kat sini dulu untuk rujukan di masa depan. Got this recipe from my cousin. Never into a pumpkin before, tapi creamy pumpkin soup ni is exceptional. You have got to try!

1. 1Kg Pumpkin ; unseeded, peeled and chopped into chunks
2. 1 potato ; peeled and chopped into chunks
3. 1 zuchinni ; chopped into chunks
4. 1 holland onion ; finely chopped
5. 1 clove of garlic; crushed
6. half teaspoon of dried oregano //can use the flakes one
7. 2 chicken cube or chicken stock
8. a pinch of black pepper to taste
9. Some water
10. chia seeds (optional)
11. fresh milk

1. Add all ingredients (from #1-9) except for chia seeds and fresh milk.
2. cook for few minutes will low heat, let it boil and don't forget to stir occasionally.
3. Remove from heat and you may want to wait for a while before transfer mixture into blender/food processor.
4. Blend it well.
5. Pour the mixture back into saucepan/pot - low heat.
6. One final step is to add some milk for more creamy taste. And chia seeds if you like.
7. Serve warm is at it best!

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