Friday, September 13, 2013

Weaning your child off the pacifier

wean pacifier
Adam a 7 year old boy who is still on pacifier.

Yes, he is still on pacifier (only at night, kadang2 siang ada jugak). Two!! Satu hisap, satu lagi gentel dekat hidung. Homaigod. Nak marah, myself pun cam tu till 6 kot. Tapi he's a boy tak sama and that he's coming to 7 dah. Everytime we discuss about this, he will say he's not ready and that mami not enough doa asking from Allah to make him stop wanting hisap puting. There were few nights that he tried not to hisap puting, I caught him tak boleh tidor terkelip-kelip mata dia. When I asked, why he's still awake, dia kata teringat puting! Don't think can sleep kalau tak hisap dan bau puting tu! LOL.

I told him, let say one day your friend got to know you hisap puting sampai dua macam nih, how are you suppose to answer them? Selamba dia jawab, they will not know unless mami tells the friend! Aik, kita kena balik.

Weaning off pacifier use for a school going boy, for me agak challenging. Since the younger brother who is 5 also on pacifier. So, bila abang brave himself not to hisap puting nampak la adik dia tengah tayang nicely puting left and right. I know it's me partly to be blamed for allowing this situation to happen for so long. Dulu masa sibuk kerja, asalkan they don't cry. I give in bagi puting ke apa. Now that I'm a housewife and have time to actually correct this, I want to give it a try.

Some facts that I read about weaning off pacifier use:
- berenti puting ni sepatutnya before age of 3
- can try a trick like kempiskan puting, sorok puting dan sebagainya
- gradual approach might work in some cases; mengehadkan penggunaan puting hanya pada waktu malam and gradually stop altogether
- three day plan , keep telling about 30 secs that on day 3 no more pacifier. Allow him to be ready and tell him that's the process to make him older/bigger. On third day, it's time to gather and bid farewell to the pacifiers.

I'm going to try this soon. Among with many other things dalam kotak kepala n.. :-) Being a mother who take care of the kids and do chores, is already a supermak uols!

Till then..

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