Saturday, September 7, 2013

Best juga jalan-Jalan ke Bukit Tinggi Pahang (Sept 2013)

Travel agent is discussing with client on the itinerary.

According to on travel agent career information, as a Travel agent (sedap lagi bunyi travel consultant ye tak?), one is required to assess individual's and business people's needs to help them make the best possible travel arrangements. An agent may specialize by type of travel, such as leisure or business, or destination. Travel agents also promote travel packages on behalf of cruise lines, resorts and specialty travel groups. In order to become a travel agent one must have, at least, a high school diploma or the equivalent. To be a successful travel agent one must be well-organized, accurate, detail-oriented, professional and courteous.

Well, I fit the requirement and I have the quality mentioned. Taking a job as travel agent I made the arrangement for us to go for quick getaway to Bukit Tinggi Pahang which is about 1hr 30mins driving from Subang Jaya. I prepared the itinerary as following:

9.30 AM- Push off from home
10.00 AM- Stop for breakfast at R&R Awan Besar & toilet breaks
11.15 AM- Arrive in Colmar Tropicale *
11.30 AM- Free & easy
12.00 PM- Performance (Dance)
12.30 PM- Free & easy
1.00 PM- Drive to Japanese Garden
1.10 PM- Free & easy
2.00 PM- Drive to Animal Park **
2.10 PM- Free & easy
3.00 PM- Driving back home
3.40 PM- Lunch & Solat at Hentian Gombak

* Entrance Adult RM12, Kids RM8
** Entrance Adult & Kids RM3

Travelling tips with kids:
1.Wear long sleeves t-shirts (at least) and long pants since it's slightly windy/cold
2.Wear sport shoes if they like to run around especially if the place is for sightseeing
3.Consider toilet breaks in between the activities - every 1.5 hour once
4.Bring water/snacks or else you will end up spending more - a can drink cost you RM4.50
5.Bring a bag or have enough space in mom's handbag to place kids' stuffs (drinks, sweets, handkerchief and etc)
6.Oh ya, very important if you go uphill with winding road and your kid gets car sick - bawak la plastic bag, minyak angin ke apa
7.Momsies, please don't wear high heels nanti susah nak kejar kids and furthermore you have to walk up a hill to go to Japanese Garden.

Scroll down for interesting photos taken by me as the photographer and model too! :p All I want to be is all rounders supermak yeeehaaa...

Till then!

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