Friday, September 6, 2013

Lipatan kain yang amat menjimatkan ruang dan kelihatan super kemas

Ada tau kerjaya as Professional Organizers. According to NAPO, they help individuals and businesses take control of their surroundings, their time, their paper piles, their lives! For homeowners, he or she might offer room-by-room space planning and reorganization, estate organization, improved management of paperwork and computer files, systems for managing personal finances and other records, and/or coaching in time-management and goal-setting.

See, obviously clothes folding that is space saving and neat is the kind of Professional Organizer services. Just like what I did. Kalau in the US, this has become profession that can earn big bucks sebab ramai orang yang berkerjaya dan sibuk sampai tak sempat nak cleaning up clutter and keeping stuffs organized. Tapi for me, this is my service for the family with love!

Interestingly this is part of my other hat too. Though I have a helper, she is freshie (a month). Everything has to teach from the start. She has to be told to do things how we want her to do, else she buat hentam keromo nanti I geram!

What do you think of the folding style? The underwear, socks and singlet. Nicely fold. I knew how to fold the socks that way, but underwear and singlet are something new which I just got to know after doing some Google research. Jom kita sama-sama praktik kan.

Till then!

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