Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Mari cuba lukis rambutan


This should have come earlier a post about mami being a teacher. Every mom is a good teacher kan? Tonight, I helped Adam to finish up his homework to draw rambutan. I'm not an artist which I have to admit. That maybe not the best effort, but even the best pun takkan la cantik benar rupa rambutan tu uols. At least mami is giving a try for his son.

Just a simple drawing, mami here kena refer google images for rambutan. LOL! Then I let Adam to choose which one to draw. Hah, nasib baik dia tak pilih yang bukan2, if not jenuh mami here kena pulun lukis. Tee hee...While drawing, we chatted about the shape, colors and taste. In 10 minutes, siap! He got to do his part too, I drew the line and showed to him to strike the hairy rambutan.

I don't get it some joker mat salleh commented rambutan taste like 'poop'. Rambutan sedap la mat salleh oi! Rambutan is native to Malaysia and Indonesia. We should be proud! :-) I love local fruits.

Till Then!

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