Wednesday, September 11, 2013

What is like being a mom?

That is my 'supermak'. Oooh I miss her.

No one can ever describe perfectly what it is like to be a mother until they become one themselves. Mak, now that I am a mom myself I know how hard last time you raise 6 of us. I could never imagine how you managed. For me, even just two of them my hands are full. At times I'm in tears, screaming...other times I'm smiling, laughing.

8 Things for "What is really like being a mom?" - the other side of it:
1-kids eating all your favorite dish that you cook for break fast pun tak apa
2-just seated on the couch and your kid calling from toilet suruh basuh kan bontot pun pegi
3-just about to dozz off and being called up nak minum susu pun kena bancuh
4-saving your last piece of cake for later and the next when you tried to look for it dah abis anak dah ngap! pun nak buat macam mana
5-You so thirsty bought yourself a bottle of 100Plus twisted up to drink and anak you snatch from you sebab dia tetiba dahaga pun mengalah jugak
6-You feel so mad that you want to say something B&*%% in front of anak also kena tahan - don't show anything stupid they are like sponge absorbing things
7-You so tempted to go watch movie or have your own time but so kesian to see them doing the puss-in-boot kind of eyes that you cancel your plan
8-They made you turn green that you yell and scream meroyan, after all done they came back and hug you like nothing happen - made you even feel like a bad mom!

How about you?

Till Then!

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