Wednesday, September 4, 2013

My cheeky, overfriendly, mushroom style haircut Idrees boy!

This is Idrees. I fondly called him Adik. He's 5 this year. Already attending kindy for more than 2 years since we had problem getting maid before. Last year in his report card, the teacher wrote "Masya Allah, He is super friendly!". I bet he took that from Chubby coz I'm always a quiet person talk-when-needed.

Oh ya, last time he needed me to put him to bed coz we sleep together. But since few days ago, he seems to be able to sleep separately now with his brother. Ahhaha..not yet in their own room. Hopefully soon. Yes, they are still sleeping in the same room however on separate bed. Read the previous post about the attempt to separating them from sleeping in our room :-)

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