Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The cheapest convertible baby walker in town sold within hours!

We did it again. Sold an item via
It's the Mamalove baby walker which convertible to push cart (Adam punya). Actually more like a charity sale. We gave it away for fraction of the price. Only for RM30. Seeing the expression of the buyer who came at about 10.45pm after work riding motorbike and looked HAPPY - priceless! We helped him to tie the walker at the back of the motorbike. Hope he reach home safely which is faaaarrr away in Gombak - over 40km

Tips from mami when advertised via mudah:
1- be descriptive right from the start for the chosen title, function, condition,reason to letgo and payment method
2- also state the preferred contact channel e.g: call/whatsapp/email
3- Attach clear photo that makes visible of the description in #1. Attach more than one photo if that helps to give more details.

Till next advertisement! Good night...

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