Monday, September 9, 2013

Part time driver pun okay juga

Mesti pernah dengar orang kata "driver tu mesti perempuan" bila tengok bawak perlahan, overtake tak bagi signal dan terkedek2 potong queue. Cliche la sangat macam lelaki tak buat kan!

Okay hari ni I nak cerita pasal kerja sehari-hari I jadi driver hantar dan ambil kids from school. Selain dari tu, I jugak yang angkut 2 buah basikal pegi repair, groceries shopping dan yang sewaktu dengannya (as and when needed) while King Nan is off to work. Yes, that is my other hat as a family driver.

Let's see the description of a driver. Google is telling me a driver is a person who drives vehicle. Hah, easy macam semua orang pun boleh jadi driver kan? Not that quite, in Malaysia if you look at the requirements to apply for a job as a driver, you need to have:

1.minimum SPM with at least 2 years working experience in the related field is required for this position.
2.Pleasant personality
3.Good traffic record & driving skills with a valid Class D driving license
4.Willing to accept long & occasionally irregular hours

#1 is important because at least you need to know how to read the signboard/map or listen to a voice giving direction using GPS/Waze and etc.#2 is equally important sebab you takkan nak tengok driver yang muka moncong, tak puas hati,stone je pagi2 hantar you pegi sekolah. #3 is obviously important sebab kalau tak de lesen jawab nya kena saman la! Lesen je tak cukup, need driver with common sense and reasonably prudent driving. Kalau tak you will be one of those yang sambil drive type whatsapp, potong q, drive slow in fast lane dan bermacam-macam lagi. #4 yes a driver kena ada willingness let say tetiba you tengah sedap taking a nap gas dah abis and your helper tak boleh nak goreng keropok lekor untuk makan petang...dah kena kerja!

Kalau I, would have add two more requirements kot:
5.Responsible for periodic maintenance of vehicle
6.Ensure vehicle is clean & reliable at all times

Amacam you think easy?
Till then!

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