Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Top 5 things to do when your child is having fever

Once in a while, my kids will have fever. I always tell myself not to take it lightly. Especially a continuous high fever during night time. Don't be your own doctor when it comes to this. Unless you sememangnya doktor la kan. You will know that your child is having fever when:
1. Usually hotter than normal at the forehead - that's obvious
2. complain of headache
3. puke after food/drink intake

In my case, top 5 things I would do when my kids having fever are:
1. Regularly take the temperature (I have digital thermometer at home - redeem from Anmum many years ago but still in very good condition! :-)
note: Temperature above 38 C consider feverish. Approaching 40 C is alarming
2. Give the medicine i.e. fever relief syrup. Here for tips to give medicine.
3. Put on KoolFever the fever relief cooling patch on the forehead
4. Dress your child lightly e.g shorts with singlet
5. Use damp towel to dab/wipe around the neck, armpit and back of knee to bring the fever down

Do this with love and lots of pray. Insya Allah they will recover. Till Then!

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