Friday, October 18, 2013

Join the innovative thinkers to WIFKL 2013 this November 12-14


Hi, this is coming to my 4th post for the 'IT Entrepreneurship and Innovation' class. I wrote about the meaning of innovative and creative which can be read in here in my first post. The second post was review of Richard Branson pitch on "How Small Business can Innovate", do read it in here. Third post on a must watch video produced by PUNB for aspiring Bumiputera entrepreneur, view it here.

I purposely position the blog posts in sequence as to allow the readers (and myself) to relate with the journey of becoming an entrepreneur. We ought to know and identify if we have the right idea to capture customers' imaginations then proceed with the implementation! We may choose to start small, but hey even one-chair barbershop can go all the way have a great brand and innovate. Moving on with our creative idea and the motivation to venture into entrepreneurship we need to seek for financing thus we have to know the right channels to go for. Next, let's join the innovative thinkers and off we go to WIFKL 2013 this coming November 12-14 in KL Convention Center.

Why participate?
Aspire to be the centre of gathering for innovative thinkers and thought leaders. Gain fresh perspectives to achieving sustainable culture of innovation from key stakeholders and world thinkers.

Some key benefits of attending WIFKL
-Understand the key drivers of achieving excellence in science, technology and innovation

-Construct an effective framework of regulations and policy to propel innovation in public and private sector, societal, urban and rural, corporate and industrial, education, healthcare, transportation and branding

-Utilise innovation & technology as catalysts that will lead to creation of high income nation

-Enculture innovation as the new national, regional and global development strategy

-Establish and strengthen networks of organisations and countries of different development levels to fuel future collaboration and cooperation

-Provide a platform for high-level stakeholders (from the public, private and civil society sector) to share experiences, discuss and deliberate on issues and strategies on inclusive innovation

-Provide business opportunities and investments, both locally and globally

See you there!

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