Thursday, October 17, 2013

Review of Simplysiti Dermagic Relaxing Mask

Simplysiti Mask
I dah cuba SimplySiti White & Detox Night Cream. Read here for the review. Kali ni nak cuba Simplysiti Dermagic Relaxing mask pulak. :-)

Face masks are an excellent way to maintain beautiful skin. These treatments are excellent at clearing our pores, cleansing, detoxifying, and hydrating our skin -

Also from, it says regardless of what type of mask you’re using, there are a few essential steps that everyone should follow. Always steam your face over a cup of hot water or press a hot wash cloth to your face before beginning a mask. “The heat works to soften the debris in your pores and clean your skin,”

Some useful info:
Where I bought? - Watsons store.

How much? - RM10.90

Reference in official website? - Yes, but just plain marketing words obviously. Do read it here.

What's the full range? - Whole range ; from Moisturizer, eye cream, cleanser, serum, scrub, toner and BB cream too. View here for the whole range.

What make I chose it? - I read look luminous in 20 minutes and it says redefine your face by lifting sagging points! Wow..really?

Local Product? - No. Made in Korea. However, it is local brand - distributed and imported by SimplySiti. Look at the photo in the below.

simplysiti mask

Smell? Pleasant scent
Color? White
Price? fair
Merit? formulated with combination of Advanced Hydra Collagen - definitely a plus point to maintain firmness and elasticity (very important for 30something mommy like me!)
Demerit? Contains alcohol. If you are concern pasal halal ke haram ke read it here, here and here.
* My stand would be if we can avoid alcohol based cosmestics/perfume even better, else we have to understand that the alcohol used in cosmetics/perfume not for the purpose of getting drunk / intoxicated (memabukkan) maka hukum nya harus. Wallahualam.

After first application? I love wearing mask. Positively, I feel moisturized and relaxed!
Go for second piece?
Ya, I will try again after testing other brands. I'm an avid tester now. :-)

Caution: My skin is dry type. So the result maybe different than yours.

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  1. The mask is good.The only drawbacks it has is the size.It is too small, it didn't fit nicely to my face.


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