Saturday, November 30, 2013

Have you heard about Board of Innovation?

Yay! it is the final blog post for my SYS 752 class - IT Entrepreneurship & Innovation. I have yet to review the 15 business models, but sooner or later I have to go through it. Still looking for possible project title ...padahal nak kena present the business proposal dah next Saturday. Homaigod!

By the way, the event went well just now. Kalau ingat lagi I had a blog post on the event sometime ago in here. I was the emcee though I had pretty nasty cough towards the end that my classmate had to take a over to close the event. Will post up some photos very soon! :-)

Jom cari idea nak bukak bisnes apa. Which business model to adopt? How can we make money?

They are an international office specialized in business model innovation. They help corporate clients like eBay, P&G, J&J, and Volkswagen to innovate like startups, and to develop sustainable new revenue streams.

They claims they are next gen entrepreneurs that think like designers but speak business! In their latest slide deck they have visualized 15 business model examples from innovative companies. Let's review those and what have you got to say?

Visit the website here to know more.

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