Tuesday, November 19, 2013

My business-owner-neighbor says on creativity, innovative and entrepreneurship

This will be my 9th post for the class.

While having casual chat with my pretty neighbor who is a business owner of a training consultancy the other day, I had the idea to ask her few questions related to creativity, innovative and entrepreneurship. Let us see the transcript from conversational interview done with her (some edits and insertion of interpretation deem necessary to make it complete):

Me: How do you interpret creativity, innovative and entrepreneurship in the context of your business?

Neighbor: I'm a business owner, image consultant, business development and I do a lot of things being a small enterprise. That requires me to be creative. Take for example me as an Image consultant. I need to have common sense and be alert of suitable approach to reach to customers. I used to handle crowd from different background - single parent, politician, corporate, students. If I were to say a joke during my session I would need to be sensitive of the people, situation as not to hurt the participants. I have to be creative in handling situations.

I need to be innovative with the syllabus offered in my training session. Following trend and keep abreast with the latest happening will allow me to have a fresh content that is able to meet customer requirement. I'm seeing it as giving me an upper-hand against the competitors.

As for entrepreneurship, people's problem is my opportunity. It's not that I'm praying for them to have problems that I'll be glad to solve, but how do I bring the branding of my consultancy to the potential customers. The unique values that I want them to recognize my company. I chose to take care of welfare in my business. I don't only target for corporate where the big bucks mostly from, I also do for welfare agencies like JKSM and Jabatan Insolvensi. Even just for 'tea fees'. I believe if we do good, Insya allah there will be better rezeki for us in future. I am very committed when it comes to customers satisfaction. I want them to get the best so they will come back to me someday. And one more thing, we got to believe our product and never be shame about it. Even though you have to knock on every door!

What was your story behind the startup of this consultancy company?
Neighbor: It was for my late mom. She prioritized 'kemahiran hidup' (life skills) as a woman. She was a tailor, busy took care 10 of us and still looked good and happy most of the time that I remembered her for. Because of her positive aura, when she was around she made me feel good about myself. She was my idol. And because of that, I wanted to make other people beautiful and feel good about themselves too. People nowadays are too stress for lots of factors like work, relationship and financial. I feel like I need to help them.

Me: From an idea, what did you do to make it happen?
Neighbor: I befriended with people of the same minded. I found entrepreneur friend who can share knowledge, experience, and leverage on contacts. It is not easy, but I just have to keep going.

That is all for the so called conversational interview. I realized one common thing, when there is a problem there is an opportunity! Good Luck neighbor. You sure can do it!

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