Sunday, April 20, 2014

A father's love (Episode 2)


Previous entry tells about a father's love sanggup ambil cuti to cheer on his son's sports day. You can read it here. Similarly still revolve around a father's love, the same father had to wake up early on Saturday morning (not his customary which really a significant thing when he does that) to cheer on his other son's sports day. Teeheeee....

Registration started at 8am. So we had to push off around 7.45am and that was way too early according to our Saturday clock :p

The boy whom we had to cheer for on that day

Idrees was a bit disappointed because he wasn't playing for a real sports day. He aimed to collect more medals.
It's more of telematches. To make it even pelik, parents got to play too. We had to help our child completing the task or game. Each kids had 8 stations or games to complete. Upon completion of one game at a station dapat satu stamp. Dah abis semua boleh submit.

Mami pun kena tolong Idrees. On 2 games: doa recitation and complete the puzzle. Dedi and Adam pushing Idrees for the rest of the 'physical' tasks. Hahhahaha...sangat lah 'fizikal' nya! Jadi chef sambut telur dalam bakul, pukul bola tenis jatuhkan kad huruf, pancing kad huruf, suaikan gambar dan perkataan....and few more I couldn't remember.

Please scroll to the bottom...See the result for the family effort... jeng jeng jeng..

Tadaaaaaaa... Idrees won the first prize for 6y/o category. And looked at what he got? Like a birthday pressie kan. Tu yang dia disappointed tu. I guess he was dreaming to bite the medals like he used to when he was schooling in Little Caliph. Well Idrees boy, you got to accept changes in life. Because they say that is the only thing that is constant!

I was away from the place where he received the prize sebab sakit kepala melanda! That explains tak ada gambar masa dia terima hadiah.

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