Monday, May 26, 2014

Fresco! at Jaya Grocer


Have you been to Fresco!? It is part of the new concept of Grocerant (groceries and restaurant) by Jaya Grocer. Sangat convenient. You choose raw meat (those with Fresco! sticker) and pass it over to the counter, choose a side dish then you just pay for the raw meat plus the side dish. Sadly there is no chicken. They have lamb, beef and fish.

There are also other items in the menu such as Pastas,Pizza, Soups, Starter & Salad. Nampak sedap je semua. We tried beef, lamb and cod fish with Aglio Alio spaghetti and mixed vege salad as the side dishes.

At the counter, they will take note how would you like your meat to be cooked. Then pay the amount. After that you will be given the number to be taken to your table so that the waiter will know to deliver the food.

Is it expensive? Well I would say it's worth the money. Maybe should go earlier not nearing 8.45pm. We were told the fish department closing around that time. And some of the side dishes already sold out. By the way, we went to the outlet in Main's Place Subang Jaya. Not so crowded. Just nice setting.

If you like western food should give it a try here.

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