Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Libresse Flower Personality Test


As I told before, I don't stick to particular sanitary pad and pantyliners. Instead, I would watch out for one which having good promo. However I do have my own preference on certain specification of the two.

Recently I went to the supermarket and saw these. Nampak tak? Libresse ada promotion. Pantyliners come in cute tin box with various flowery print. Awhhh excited nyaaaa... Next I saw sanitary pad promotion that comes with charm bracelet. Wow! Which one do I need? Which one do I want? Need vs want. Don't be greedy. Hehehehhe...

I chose.....pantyliners in tin box. And I chose tulip flower print.


Bila balik bukak...ada pantyliners dan Flower Personality Test booklet. Let's have a look. 6 questions and the result will tell you which flower suits your personality the most.

Which dessert would you choose from this plate of sweet treats?
A. Smooth homemade egg custard, topped with browned sugar
B. Salty caramel and crunchy chocolate cream cookies
C. Rich and moist dark chocolate cake
D. Frozen, ice-cold sorbet of juicy, tropical fruits
E. Fresh glazed strawberries on a crisp, butter wafer

My choice would be E.

Which part of this landscape most strongly draws your attention?
A. Lighthouse
B. Sky or trees
C. Window frame or pane, or flowers at the window sill
D. Table or ground
E. pathway

My choice would be A.

Which colour on the artist's palette do you like best?

My choice would be B. Red.

Which photo most closely represents the feeling of satisfaction for you?

My choice would be D. Wearing the crown.

You are cooking scrambled eggs... but you've run out of salt!
Which of these herbs or spices would you add to your frying pan instead?

My choice would be B. Parsley

You are at the funfair!
Which exciting attraction would you head to first?
A. Animal and acrobatic show
B. Haunted house of horrors
C. Cotton candy booth
D. Double-flip rollercoaster ride
E. Ferris Wheel

I chose E. Ferris Wheel

AND therefore....
I got 4 roses! Q2, Q3, Q5 and Q6 :-)


You want to know your result? Get your own tin box and booklet. :p

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