Monday, May 5, 2014

Whisper Cottony Clean - let's be the Whisper girl


Entry strictly for women.

Nak sembang pasal something that all women have to endure every month. Period. Menses. Datang bulan, bendera merah and whatever other names you called it. Mesti pernah dengar PMS kan? Haaa...ada yang period pain, mood swing, headache, craving, bloating, pimples dan macam-macam lagi tanda. When I was younger I got different symptoms before or during period. Now in mid 30s, I have bad headache almost every time pre and during period. It's probably the hormonal changes that causing it.

I bukan nak cerita pasal PMS. Tapi pasal sanitary napkin, pad or tuala wanita. Yes, yes. Macam-macam brand kan ada dekat kedai. Ada yang pendek, panjang. Wing, non-wing. Scented, non-scented. Slim, Maxi, Overnight, Heavy flow, normal flow. Cottony soft, dry net.
Harga pun tak sama...ada yang murah ada yang mahal.

So you all pilih yang mana? I never stick to one brand. Kadang-kadang ikut promotion yang mana best. Good deal. I always keep stock of slim ,maxi and overnight these three types handy. Sebabnya different type usable for different time. I like it non-wing. For overnight kena 28cm and above. Cottony soft would be my choice. Sebab kalau tak kena gaya, would cause me allergic reaction. Satu masalah lain pulak. Won't be comfortable to have itchiness during period kan?

Heard there is new range of pads, the Cottony Clean from Whisper. Worth to try. Let's be the Whisper girl ;-)


  1. aku pun allergic juga kalau salah jenis. yg sesuai setakat ni libresse and sanita. yg ni boleh ku cuba nnt.

    1. kalau allergy kena extra careful bila nak test yang baru. :-)


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