Monday, June 23, 2014

CPUV: Petronas Primax 95 with advanced energy formula


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What about this new Petronas Primax 95? I never bothered at first actually. Until I saw Earnings in Nuffnang ada dapat CPUV untuk campaign ni. Lepas tu bila bukak blog Supermakwannabe ni ada pulak iklan Nuffnang showing entry from blogger AshOhTonic.

Click situ.


Oh baru faham. Petronas is introducing it's new Primax 95 fuel. Sebelum ni Primax 95 xtra which was introduced since year 2011. I pergi dig review pasal minyak ni dekat blog Paul Tan. Heee heee.. Jadi kerjakan?

I noticed one thing similar is still the mentioning of 'more mileage' with this new formulated fuel. So kalau the earlier can give extra mileage already, this should be extra extra mileage lah kan! I may not be able to digest all the technical words and marketing jargon used to make all good impression about this product....


If it's really give me more Kilometers and engine friendly that is already helping me with a healthy wallet. :-) Then, nothing should stop me from refueling with this new Primax 95.

Is it really the case?

Maybe other factors contributing as well. Like myself, I usually go and refuel somewhere nearby my house which deemed safer. And if any running promo/contest for the loyalty card or purchase with purchase and the collectible items would be attractive too. Alah macam isi minyak then dapat collect mini cars lah, contest ntahapahapa yang tak pernah menang pun tu...dan segala mak nika :-)
You alls macam mana pulak?

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