Sunday, November 2, 2014

Dream Trip to Macau

Assalamualaikum and Hi,

I am all excited for an all-expenses paid trip to Macau!! One hand raised straight and the other typing this entry (slowly one letter at a time...) :p

Let me do the shout out first before we go ahead to the core of this entry. This contest was brought to all Nuffnangers by Macau Government Tourist Office (MGTO) and Nuffnang Malaysia. Thank You! Thank You!

To start off, this is my first time entering such a contest. I don't expect anything (blogger ciput je pun). What moved me actually was when I read "MACAU". I went there last year for the Sales Kick Off Meeting in January (before resigned). Arrrghhh those happy moments when I was the super (self-dubbed) Pre-Sales Consultant working with great girlfriends team...

It was 4 days 3 nights business trip. Sounds fun eh? BUT...sadly the meeting from morning 8.30am till 6pm everyday. And to make it worst, after the meeting there would be dinner with team session. Almost all acitivities took place within Conrad Hotel itself. It was such a limited time to go around and explore MACAU. sighhhhhh. Even more stress when I was told the famous The Venetian Macau was just opposite. :-(

Therefore...if only I could do this one more time...Of course this time together with good camera and NO NO just-camera-phone attitude. What a waste to miss whole lot of the (would be) beautiful shots.

Three Most Amazing Things that makes me want to re-visit Macau ...There are many amazing things to do/visit, but the following three are the top in my list.

i. The Venetian Macau

It's an integrated resort with luxurious hotel accommodation, duty-free shopping and world class entertainment. I would want to go for the gondola ride within the mall which is emulated the design of Venice. It's really beautiful! It's hard to tell whether it's day or night when you are inside the mall. It's bright with sky painted mural ceiling!

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I would make sure to see (and video record too) the 3D light show! Oh this is so fantastic. Any kids would love to see this and of course to those who are young at heart like me. :D

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of course, what would one do at a duty free shopping zone? I only had the chance to do little shopping last time. Here the three items I managed to 'secure' and actually had it doodle during one of the session in technical meeting. Teeheeee

ii. The Macau Tower

I didn't get the chance to go here last time. Even if could go, it would be just at the lobby of the tower probably. And that would be such and understated experience of The Macau Tower for real. So it has an observation deck, which offers those shaky knees an opportunity to conquer the fear of heights. Oh please, bungee jumping certainly not in my list.

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iii.The historical sights

I didn't had enough time exploring the places. There is a lot to see, from the paved Senado Square to the General Post Office & St. Dominic’s Square, and on to the Ruins of St. Paul’s. Beware in order to go up to Ruins of St. Paul's you have to climb up stairs. Many of them! :p

I have to agree for its cultural uniqueness, that it was a right thing for UNESCO inscribing Macau on the World Heritage List.

some photos of me at the historical places. Only if I could take more!

AND.... why Nuffnang should send me for this superb opportunity?

Send me and I will try my very best to do the coverage on this trip in favour to repay for your kindness! All-expenses paid trip to Macau, accommodation at a 4-star hotel and chance to visit those amazing places - seriously beyond my imagination. This could be the very chance for me to widen my readership for this blog too.

Good luck to those taking part in this contest. Whoever wins, Macau is a worth place to visit - a mix of beautiful culture and the Vegas of Asia!

Signing off, till next time.


  1. Amboi bestnye...lucky girl. I blum lagi Ade rezeki nak jejak sana. All the best
    The travel blogger,

    1. hahha..thanks potato queen. Will blogwalking to your travel blog soon.

  2. Ahkak baru berangan .. adik dah sampai Macau dah.. bestnya. Gud luck! :)
    sila singgah ~

    1. hehehe.. mana tau ahkak ada rejeki nak pegi preeee... will singgah your blog soon.. thanks

  3. Nice write up! Macau looks very interesting!

    1. Thanks Melvin! Will blogwalking to your blog soon. :-)


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