Monday, December 15, 2014

After more than a year, I can finally Cash out earning from Nuffnang

Assalamualaikum & Hi,

Is this for real? I'm cashing out my first earning from Nuffnang. Thank Youuuuuuuu...
That is after 1 year and 4 months of blogging. LOL! Please laugh together with me. Such a blogger ciput!

Anyhow, that marks a journey for me dalam dunia blogging ni. Dari zero follower dah ada 37 followers. Dari 10s page view to average 250-350 page views daily. Dari tulis hari-hari ke seminggu sekali pun tak tulis. Hehehhehe...

I don't really have a niche for this blog. Belum jumpa lagi kot. I write just about anything that crosses my mind. But still I try to keep to the concept that I should blog pertaining to profession in the context of 'supermakwannabe'. So that bila baca balik in the future, I could relate to betapa fun (sometimes - which featured in here) dan huru-hara (most of the times - which not featured in here) when ordinary mummy like me trying to do all sorts of pekerjaan dalam sehari-hari menguruskan rumahtangga.

Ya you may laugh and think it's nothing. Unless you are a mother yourself taking care of your own kids then only you know what I mean. Kalau tak, confirm setakat... ye ke??? Susah sangat ke? Ada orang anak 8 pun relax je. Awak baru handle 2 orang dah bising. Suka hati lah kan?? :p

Well alright, sebelum menyimpang lebih jauh. I hope I can continue to write. To more stories and drama to come, Ka-ching $$$ from Nuffnang in the future, and more readers to hit this blog.....

OK Bye!


  1. congratulations and celebrations... he he he...

  2. I am happy for you....we are all proud of you Supermak! :)

    1. this should be you dedi? thanks for dropping by

  3. Tahniah..moga lepas ni boleh cash out banyak kali :)


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