Thursday, December 11, 2014

#tqLINE sapa pernah redeem lucky gift?

Assalamualaikum & Hi,

LINE merupakan messaging apps yang least favourite sebelum ni. Ditangga teratas pastinya Whatsapp. Kemudian Telegram. Third baru LINE. Fourth maybe WeChat.

Kalau ikut kegunaan, Whatsapp memang for daily use to chat with siDia, adik ipar - Hanis, Sepupu- Awin, adik-beradik (jarang2) dalam group Anak Kapten Rosli, Group Vendeur, Group MCC, Group Diva UTP and etc!

Telegram bila nak receive document as attachment (sometime last year) and one group with childhood bestfriends (konon whatsapp tak selamat so nak tukar telegram...but ended up only this group transfered to telegram but the rest still remain in Whatsapp)

LINE, communication with my supervisor and the group she created to mingle with the rest of her students. And recently the AADC Mini Drama 2014 ... wow really something membuatkan tertarik to 'see' LINE differently. So happened that Mimi announced in our primary school chat group that she just got lucky to redeem 2 items from LINE. Wah! Apa kah itu.

Cerita Utama

So I added LINE EVENT. It says, Enter 'LINElah' now to win one of 200 000 100Plus. I entered LINElah. Almost immediately keluar notification...

'Congratulations! You just won....."

Yet to redeem the gift sebab nak kena pergi ke BHPetromart.

They say, ada boleh dapat voucher la, discounts la and lots more if you add the official accounts. I'm still new nak cerita lelebih pun tak pandai. But if you have some experience boleh share. Drop me a line! ;-)


  1. Good sharing...maybe you should give it a try and update the story...heheee

    1. tinggal lagi nak pegi redeem dear. Ajak you ke BHPetromart tak sampai2. :p


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