Friday, September 6, 2013

One day, I want to publish my own children's book

Adam's doodle of our family tree

It all started when I always get bunch of 'likes' from friends in my FB status when I posted something funny, comical and cute about what they said - referring to Adam and Idrees. Ada yang sampai bertanya bila lagi nak update pasal mereka kalau I missed to post new updates! A friend of mine even said it's addictive sebab everytime she and husband will laugh hard dengar telatah my kids. Another friend of mine (seriously I tak tipu- she's not even close to me merely an ex-colleague some many years ago) siap cadangkan I to write a book and she surely will buy! Thanks to Yuzie sebab mulai saat itu, I ada tanam angan-angan nak tulis buku.

From now on, I will dig and collect all the funny episodes which I have recorded down some where ; FB posting, Instag photos and etc. This going to be fun! Will share it here from time to time. Once I have enough, I need to source for illustrator, editor and publisher? Nak kena buat some research and ask around pasal nak terbit buku. Bukan senang rasanya...tapi tak de yang mustahil kalau kita betul nak buat. Yang penting, mesti ada take action. Kalau berangan sampai bila pun dekat situ jugak. Betul tak?

First teaser for the recent one was about 'Who chooses who?'. He was asking was it Daddy who chose (to marry) Mummy or otherwise.
It goes something like this:

"Mami ni yang pilih daddy tu ke.. daddy tu yang pilih mami ni?" Adik rasa? "Daddy tu yang pilih mami ni" sambil tuding jari kat i. "Betul ke adik teka?" Haaa..adik memang pandai. "Mesti la! Adik suka pilihan daddy".

He complimented his dad's choice for choosing to marry me who is now his mommy = mami. Ohhh, sweetness!

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