Sunday, September 29, 2013

Review of Bio Essence Miracle Bio Water

Bio essence
This is my 2nd bottle of Miracle Bio Water and am loving it

After SimplySiti White & Detox Night Cream review which you can read it here, I would like to give a review (am not getting paid) on this favorite item of mine (at least for now). If you didn't know, Scha Alyahya is the brand ambassador for Bio Essence. See it here! Untung dia dapat Miracle Bio Water for free!

Other brand like Avene is calling it Thermal water. I haven't tried to use Avene. But suppose the benefit should be more or less the same to give soothing, cooling effects.

Does your skin need special water? IMHO, this is more like a want, rather than a need. I must say that. We still can live without sprinkling special water on our face. :-) So, what actually made me buy it? When I used to work on the field, I travelled a lot from one place to the other. Sometimes driving during the noon at 36 degree C, then parked the car 100 meters away from the entrance actually exposed my facial skin to the sun and it became dehydrated and burned. Serum, Moisturizer and SPF not enough to keep me moisturized and fresh. I used this miracle water for a quick fix. It works! Ya, it really freshens up my skin for at least 5 minutes. :p After that, it leaves the skin moisturized but that doesn't mean that it can replace moisturizer.

Way before I learned about this water, I just sprinkled the drinking water or mineral water on my face. Right from the water bottle - don't even use the spray bottle. Fine it did make me feel refresh too, but very slightly like in 10 seconds? There is no cooling effect obviously.

Some useful info:

Where I bought? Guardian
How much? RM29.90
What make I chose it? Over other brands, because it's cheaper. Benefit wise is almost similar. Ingredients wise is something that make me wanting to try other brands because this one says it only contains Aqua and Nitrogen (only?)
Local Product? Written it is "Produced in Malaysia" at the back of the bottle.

Smell? No smell/fragrance
Color? No color
Texture? Water!
Packaging? Come in multi size. But the one that I bought 100ml is good for home use or to pop into a handbag.
Price? Fair. Other brands are more expensive.
Merit? Ideal for face, hair, body and babies. Multipurpose is wayyyy cool. :-)
Demerit? None
After first application? Wow! Instant cooling and soothing. Feel refresh. But mind you, it is temporary effect. I don't use make up that much so I don't know if it works to set up makeup like some who commented about it.
Go for second bottle? Why not.

Caution: My skin is dry type. So the result maybe different than yours

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