Sunday, September 22, 2013

Review of SimplySiti White & Detox Night Cream

Have tried this for 2 days

Okay, this is my first attempt trying to play role as a reviewer. :-) The first one was for Tesco Online Shopping which can be read in here. This time around I'm going to review a skincare product from SimplySiti. It's very well known this product belongs to our superstar singer Dato' Siti Nurhaliza.

Before I start, you must know an effective night cream will work while you sleep to fight common skin concerns and prevent aging (think fine lines, wrinkles and laxity). - The Dermatology Review

Some useful info:

Where I bought? - Watsons store. You won't find it in the Watsons online store.

How much? - RM39.90

Reference in official website? - Unfortunately not yet in SimplySiti's official site. I believe this is new range as of September 2013. Strange that it's already in the market but the admin yet to put up on the website. ;p

What's the full range? - 1. Cleanser/Mask 2. Mist Toner 3. Day Cream 4. Night Cream

What make I chose it? - 1. credit to the choice of words to describe "repairing, purifies and brightens skin while you sleep". Wow! 2. claim that it can minimize appearance of freckles (my problem) 3. it says contains two most powerful natural ingredients for healthier & fairer skin ;Honey & green tea

Local Product? - No. Written on the box, Made in Korea. However, it is local brand.

Smell? Light mediumly scented, pleasant
Color? Colored - as per the packaging
Texture? Non greasy, light textured
Packaging? Small about 1/2 size of my palm - nicely hold, probably because it is 30g.
Price? fair
Merit? SPF 20 PA++ (PA rankings are listed as PA+, PA++ or PA+++. The more +'s, the more protection from UVA rays.)
Demerit? None
After first application? Homaigod, I have two tiny bumps the next morning. However, it didn't leave me with oily skin.
Go for second bottle? I don't think so.

Caution: My skin is dry type. So the result maybe different than yours.

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Till then!


  1. Lepas ni cuba review Garden Of Eden products pula :) Anti-Ageing Serum, Age Defence Serum and Pigmentation serum

  2. Okay Insya Allah akan cuba and put up the review bebila. Kau pakai product ni ke cousin?

  3. jom singgah sebentar.. *duta kecil simplysiti

  4. SimplySiti – October 9, 2013:

    Produk ini tidak disyorkan buat mereka yang mempunyai jenis kulit kering, berminyak, sensitif atau berjerawat.

    fyi ;)


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