Wednesday, January 29, 2014

When your kids start to lie - dealing with them

When your kids start talking, make friends, understand the real world.. errm..sooner or later they will learn to lie. camana nak handle? This is a good lecture.

Some of his saying I tried myself and it works. Kebetulan mencuba sebab dah tried various tactic.

Contoh, when I knew Idrees tipu yang dia belum solat I tanya dia for second time. He said "dah solat" with a big grin. I knew he was lying. Tak guna pressing, so I said ok mami percaya adik dah solat. adik takkan tipu mami, Allah pun boleh nampak. He get away with it. Nouman said "children are not inherently evil. Their nature is goodness". It's something about the consciences when they do wrong that you didn't punish them.

So, beberapa kali lepas tu dia tak menipu dah. Dia selamba jawab TAK! ok that's different handling all together. Kena belajar lagi ni ilmu parenting.


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    1. :-) now ada perangai baby lagi comel la..esok lusa dah besar tak comel sangat dah.. huhuhu..teringin baby pulak...


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