Thursday, February 6, 2014

Graco Junior Car Seat sold to Kak Nurul via Mudah

Last piece of item yang terjual sebelum ni was the queen bed with mattress. We all jual just for RM30! Berduyun2 orang call and asked petty questions to my husband. Kesian dia nak kena layan sebab he's busy with meetings. Ada orang yang tanya, besi ke kayu rangka yang nak ganti tu, walhal it was written there katil kayu. Bagi tau Queen size mattress siap tanya 5x5 ke ukuran tilam dan bermacam yang lain. Sampai husband tak larat and bit pissed off nak jawab. You can read the last entry about it here.

Macam tu lah selalunya bila urusan jual beli, my husband yang handle. But this time, I nak cuba handle myself. So, dari buat advertisement, jawab pertanyaan from potential buyers..I handle. Luckily tak ramai yang bertanya, lepas tu semua main hantar SMS/Whatsapp jek. When the time I got the approval email from Mudah, seminit lepas tu terus masuk Whatsapp from a lady. I memang rasa this is it. I'm going to let go to her.

Memang la good experience after all. She's a teacher whom got married early during belajar. So sekarang at the age of 36 dia ada anak umur 13yo. It's a boy. Her husband ada tumor history. She pernah duduk UK and tanah arab. This conversation going on till a week kot. She kept postponing datang area nearby my house to pickup the item. She has to balik kampung ada emergency. She has to settle her 13yo son's punya passpport coz she's sending him belajar tahfiz dekat Mesir under a program with an Ustaz somewhere. The husband picked up her late she couldn't make it to come over. And lots more alasan. Somehow I still positive that she wanted the item it's just belum sampai jodoh nak datang amik.

Since a week past, ada orang lain pun tanya about the item to be fair I got to ask for deposit or something lah. Tanda jadi. In fact it was her suggestion. OK, so I gave her my account number. She paid in full! Hah, now I thought she would in no time sure nak amik the car seat. Tapi tak jugak, sama je....she has to run errands here and there. The boy dah selamat pun pergi Mesir by now. Tak boleh jadi. I tak sedap hati that she already paid tapi barang still with me.

So I told her few days back, kalau ada hari free that we go makan malam some where near Shah Alam then it's good time to meet up so that I boleh bagi dia car seat tu. She setuju. Semalam was the event of kejadian. Finally! I got to meet her in person and hand over the item. Alhamdulillah.

I hope you find it useful sis Nurul. Sold for RM130. What's the next item for sale? Check it out... :-)

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