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Percutian 6D5N to Hong Kong (Halal tour free and easy) - Day1

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Assalamualaikum & Hi...

So malam ni ada mood sikit nak sambung update about Percutian 6D5N to Hong Kong (Halal tour free and easy) - Day 1. Flight 8.05am on that 13 Sept. So at 3.45am already woke up and took shower...siap2 because taxi came at about 5am to KLIA. RM80 from our place to KLIA. Mahal sikit because of the midnight surcharge applies till 6am.

Please please remember momsie out there. Sebelum nak bepergian
- Unplug unused appliances (i.e aircond, TV, ASTRO, Wifi router, water dispenser)
- Empty and clean ashtrays and wastebaskets (especially sampah basah)
- Might want to inform your close neighbors
- Secure all windows and doors
- Any valuable shoes and clothes at the hanger stand outside, do take it inside
- Bismillah and doa that Allah will take care of your house :-)

p/s: as much possible try to tidy up your house and don't leave it in a mess. You wouldn't want a mess house coming back from a trip later on.

The flight took 3hrs 40 mins to reach Hong Kong International Airport. Allahuakbar, I memang saspen naik flight selepas berita MH370 missing and MH17 shot down. Well who doesn't right?

Sampai, got our luggage straight went to look for the counter to buy Octopus Card. The card functions macam Touch N Go kita..can use for MTR, fact Octopus Card ni boleh guna nak bayar beli barang dekat 7-11, McD and many more lah...

Tanya2 lah orang dekat sana for direction sebab tak sure dekat mana. Hmmm, do expect fast walking people wearing "mind your own business" face. Nak tanya ke tidak..tak tanya duduk lah kita kat situ. Tanya, mostly tak faham english. Dia jawab in chinese we tried hard to understand lah.. gegegeggege.. Remember you were handling hyper boys with luggage on trolley. Mobility was restricted sikit. So patience really the key here.

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At the counter, the assistant can speak good english. So don't worry about it. Just prepare the necessary amount. Standard On-loan Octopus Card, kena bayar HKD150 (deposit HKD50) for adult and HKD70 (deposit HKD50) for child. Deposit tu boleh dapat refund nanti when you return the card final day before leaving the country. The usable value cukup lah untuk first day. The next day probably kena top up dah.

OK next, we got to find the terminus bus to go to Tung Chung CityGate Outlets (like our JPO). Again ringankan lah mulut bertanya..Signboards very helpful there. Easy to follow too.

Took S1 bus (dengan 3 bijik luggage tadi), time tu dah terik dah about 1pm ish. S1 bus final destination will terminate right dekat CityGate Outlets. Insya Allah tak sesat.

Ada Locker service dekat CityGate Outlets. Tapiiiiii full house. Nak nangis kena naik balik from B2/B1 ke atas sebab tak dapat simpan beg. Alhamdulillah kids were helpful took turn to carry their own bag. Proud of them!

Jalan2 kejap window shopping sambil seret/angkut bag. Lepas tu dah lapar dan dahaga. Standard lah passed lunch time. Tak ada halal restaurant dalam CityGate Outlets mall tu. If not mistaken there are halal restaurant outside of the malls. Nearby the MTR station which just berdepan dengan mall tu. But we didn't survey outside of the mall. Just got to know it later from local friends there 2 days later :p

We went to Food Republic (Food Court) to buy some drinks and vegetarian food. Dapat air je, lega sikit.

Adam couldn't stomach the vege food, so makan bun je. Nasib baik bawak. Heeeeee..

Lepas makan sambung window shopping, but we didn't find anything worth buying (surprisingly). So, nak kena mencari jalan ke hotel pulak. Amazing race just begun!

Naik MTR for the first time. Few times kena tukar train nak ke Mong Kok East station. Dah sampai station, we bumped into malaysian family who already arrived one day earlier. So mereka tunjukkan jalan balik ke hotel. Alhamdulillah...

Dah sampai bilik, freshen up...relax jap..6pm ish dah malam..almost maghrib. So lepas maghrib la we all strolled along Fa Yuen Street. Macam pasar malam lah. Tapi sayang tak jumpa pun deretan kedai sneakers. Huhuhuhuhu.. Jalan2 then lapar balik! I guess lots of walking plus tadi tak de pun makan yang betul2 kenyang. Different food kan, need to adjust somehow.

From the halal restaurant list, kata ada one kedai makan not far from there. Tapi tak jumpa2 lah! We were blessed when met with Mbak Heni yang tunjukkan jalan ke satu restoran yang dia biasa kunjungi. Sudah few years she's in HongKong working as a maid. And Saturday adalah hari liburan dia. Cakap pasal liburan, memang ada market for Indonesian workers ni...we could see some stalls ada tulis harga dalam bahasa melayu/indonesia.

That's the end for Day 1. Tiring day already. In Day 2 more stories to come. Stay tune!

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