Monday, September 23, 2013

Easy organizing tips for closet that everyone must know

New found pass time - Watching YouTube on home organizing

I tried to be a Professional Organizer in the last entry. I think I hooked with it. I started to watch for more home organizing related vids on YouTube. Particularly I like the one from Alejandra. She's my star for this purpose. Wow! I have loads of bubble ideas by watching her series. I like the spirit. I hope it stays and bubble ideas will turn to tangible result. :-)

If you look at Alejandra's Vids or Blogs, she organized everything - closet, pantry, fridge, bathroom, office and many more! Go and check out yourself okay. I'm not too rigid that must follow the organization style, but I'm not fond of clutter too. So, I'm okay if moderately organized and have a little bit of clutter. Gitu la kira2nya... Alejandra so called had me when she said "If you’re on this site, it’s because you’ve realized that clutter (either mental, physical, or both) is preventing you from achieving super-hero status...". We have something in common. Wanting to achieve super-hero status. Well, great mind think a like don't they. *wink*

So, what have changed ever since into home organizing?
It has to be the way I fold clothes. Now, it's space saving, super neat, easy reach in and take out. I don't own proper closet to show. But anyhow this is what I have. Those are my hubs t-shirts, jeans/pants, shorts/boxers.

Some tips that could be useful:
- Group like with like (jeans with jeans, t-shirt with t-shirt, etc.) Same size items stack neatly.
- Put clothes you use most in a section easy for reaching in
- Add drawers to collect smaller items. If you don't have drawers, use basket

I was telling hubs that I could have an overdose of home organizing vids since becoming fulltime housewife. I asked him what he thinks about the new folding style. He said "I think it's proprietary" I asked what does that suppose to mean? "It means only YOU who knows how to fold it!" LOL, nice way to escape from helping me to fold the clothes. You sneaky!


  1. wahhh...good info cousin. should try this. but for the tshirts i hang it all..tshirt rumah lower level n tshirt jalan upper level....mode xde masa :) nnt cari utk organizing tudungs, shawls and inner pula ye......opps.....bukan nak outsourcing to you ye ;) hehe

  2. Yup, depends on the closet/wardrobe. If you can hang it even better! To separate t-shirt rumah dengan jalan pun same thing I've been practicing. Thanks for the idea, already in my list. Insya Allah nanti akan share!


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